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Started out sad and just got worse


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new Posted: 10:27PM Sep 28, 2005

This story is about my high school senior prom. It started out by by date calling the day of my prom and cancelling. He said he decided to go with his ex-girlfriend instead. (OH JOY) Ok I thought, I can go stag with my girlfriend. I get to her house and our ride, who was supposed to be her date, was an hour late. When he finally showed up, it was in a pick up truck. He had a friend with him and the two of them took up the entire front of the trucks cab. The actually expected us girls to ride in the back of the truck (which had no cab or camper) all decked out in our prom best. Obviously we said NOOOOOOO WAYYYY!!! and she ended up calling her sister to give us a ride. We were late to dinner. Everyone was leaving the restaurant as soon as we got there. Anyway, we headed to our prom, which was in the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego California. By this time I was ready to just have fun and move on with the night. Halfway thorough the prom festivities, my friends date showed up drunk, made a hugh secne and left, IN OUR RIDE HOME!!!!! At the end of the night, I had to actually call my mommy for a ride home. My friend and I waited outside the restaurant we were supposed to have dinner at, and waited and waited and waited and waited. It took my mother 2 hours to get to us. During the time we were waiting (mind you it's about 2:30AM by now) we were hit on by two drunk sailors (there is a military base right next door to the restaurant and apparantly they had been partying all night.) We got chased and bitten by wild ducks and stopped by the police because they thought we might be prostitutes. When my mother finally got to us, I went strait home, got changed for the after prom and hurried to go pick up my "date" which was now my cousin. To top it off, I was driven to the after prom by my mom and grandma. How pathetic was that? But now that I think about it, the funniest thing about the entire night, is that even though just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, I'm glad I went. How crazy am I?
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new Posted: 08:03PM Jun 26, 2006

cuz its a life experience
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