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my funny story


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new Posted: 04:14PM Dec 19, 2006

my mom and i were in Starbucks(R) about to order our drink when we see some testers. We decide to go over and try it.

We pick up the cups and drink. My mom finished faster than i did so she asked the cashier what is was. By this time the drink was all going down my throat.

The cashier says that it was an Eggnog Latte(R) made in the morning so it was probably cold. I was about ready to hurl it back up because it was so disgusting!!!!!!
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new Posted: 02:16AM Dec 21, 2006

is that true?
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  Post from hubluza deleted on 05:20PM Dec 22, 2006.

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new Posted: 07:37PM Feb 26, 2007

When I was 4 or 5, I begged everyone in my house to take me to the park. Everyone including my 8 year old sister. So, she put me in the wagon and wheeled me to the park. Our mother was kinda mad. She even called the police. I just wanted to go to the park!
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new Posted: 06:53PM Feb 27, 2007

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new Posted: 06:56PM Mar 6, 2007

I love WoW!(World of Warcraft)
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new Posted: 05:40PM Mar 7, 2007

I have never played that game. I caps the 1st and last letter cuz that last w looks bigger on my broewser
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new Posted: 04:57PM Jul 4, 2007

My funny story:

I was at play practice, and a lot of my friends are in the play. One of them (we'll call her Amanda cause I dont want to give her real name) had brought her wallet with her. At the time she was up on stage, so another friend (calling him Bob-- oh, and hes blonde by the way no offense) was just kinda lookin through her wallet. He found this semi-see-through blue tinted package thing that had little asprins in it (but Bob didn't know this). He pulls it out and is just like, "ooooooh, mints!" and is starts to put them in his mouth.

unfortunately, we decided to be nice and stop him before he actually tasted it, but afterwards we all decided that we should have let him eat it and see what would have happened.

post replies of similar stories!
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