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new Posted: 07:26PM Aug 5, 2006

This story takes place in a very specific year. Somewhere in the future.
A year after Bush leaves office.
Part 1. A Space mission
Place:In a rocket in space.
Notes:names such as Junior and Senior are just rankings on the shuttle.
Junior:Getting a dounut.
Senior:Yeah, but look at which dounut it is.
Junior:Chololate with colorful sprinkles
Junior:Yeah! Wadaya gonna do.
Piolot:Guys we have a problem.
Junior:What is it?
Senior:Shut up Junior let a sopisticated Senior do this. What is t6he problem.
Piolot:I see a comet coming for us.
Senior:Sacrafice Junior.
Medical:Leave him alone!
Junior:Yeah! I have a name!
Medical: I'm sorry I never caught your name.
Junior: For the seventh time its wally!

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new Posted: 07:49PM Aug 5, 2006

I Wally will take it from here!
Part 1. A Space Mission
Point of View:Wally(Junior)
Notes:I'll tell the story. Anything in parinthesse is me talking to u not what someone said
Medical:Oh. Sorry.
Me: Whatever.
Senior:HA HA the woman can't remember!(Senior's a meanie I mean Come On!)
Piolot:Jake (that's Senior's name) it's not her fault she can't remember. She didn't choose to be female*laughs*!
Medicalon't make me hurt you!
Jake:Settle down baby!
Piolot: Very funny WOMAN leave the important stuff to the men NURSE but I'll see you in bed later BABY!
Medical: MY NAME IS JENNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!(there were echos you woodnt believe)
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new Posted: 04:39PM Aug 8, 2006

I'll tell more of this story since theese men/morons can't figure it out!
Part 1.A Space Adventure
(then the TV buzzed on)
President:Hello, I'd like it if you'd bring a ring of Saturn back for me.
Me: Okay but how?
President: Your the spacey people figure it out.
Me. Sir yes Sir!
Jake: We won't let you down Sir!
President: Remember the world is in your hands don't let me down and DON'T reveal my secret idenity!
Wally: Okay!
Jake: Shut Up!
(The TV turned off)
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new Posted: 07:23PM Aug 10, 2006

Okay I'll give you more of the story now.
Part 1:Space Adventure
Jake:What did you say???
Wally:I said no.
JakeI'm a Senior so obey me!
Jenny: Stop it!
Jake: How about...No.
Jenny:How about move!
Jake:Fine MOVE!
Jenny:No YOU MOVE!!!
Assualt:I have a bazooka loaded!
Jake: I can't believe our President, (he was cut off)
Piolot: Don't reveal his name!
Piolot: Cuz he'll cannon you.
Assualt: How about I blow you all up.
Jake: Shut up!
Assualt: NO!!!
Jake: **** YOU!!!
Assault: I'm about to trigger this!
Jake : oh yeah I'm scared the ***hole is gonna try to ****'n try to use his **** gun and he'an ***HOLE so shoot baby **!
(He launches a fireball)
Wally: The ships blowing up
Life Support: Yo Pete (the piolot) the ships going down!
Pete: I KNOW Koland!
Koland(life suport):EJECT! EJECT! EJECT!
(rumbling on the ship.)
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new Posted: 10:46PM Aug 11, 2006

what are you guys talking about?
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new Posted: 12:36PM Aug 12, 2006

its a story of some space adveturers and there telling the story
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new Posted: 08:48PM Oct 18, 2007

It's called multiple accounts.
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new Posted: 10:27PM Nov 1, 2007

Thankfully, it looks like hubluza is taking a break.
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new Posted: 08:02AM Nov 5, 2007

After reading through the forums and games, I found that Hubluza is back on Braingle. This is one of the messages being passed around:

Please Note: This has been brought to the attention of the forum moderators. They have opened a topic in the moderator forum, and are discussing this issue.


A known hacker has been able to access Braingle and create an account. PLEASE REMEMBER: Do NOT enter your Braingle password ANYWHERE except

--In order to spread this message, please send this to some people you know. Anyone online, on your buddy list, in WTB/TWG games with you, etc.

---This message was edited on 08:03AM Nov 5, 2007---
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new Posted: 04:37PM Nov 5, 2007


Hubluza is not a hacker. He may be a phisher, but not a hacker.
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new Posted: 09:54PM Nov 5, 2007

Sorry... most everyone I know consider then synonyms, although there is a difference.
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new Posted: 12:09PM Dec 22, 2008

Nah, it's just that "Hacker" almost compliments him.
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new Posted: 08:22AM Dec 24, 2008

It's annoying how "hacker" has such a negative connotation. And I'm not a hacker nor a phisher. I'm notthatevil!
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new Posted: 04:23PM Nov 23, 2009

so let me get this straight- you mad multiple accounts just to tell a story.
yahoo will find out, you know.
(watch as the moron[H-U-B-L-U-Z-A. so he won't know] says something like 'hotmail, not yahoo' but f*cks up the grammar)
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new Posted: 01:32PM Feb 24, 2011

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