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new Posted: 01:13PM May 18, 2005

One day I was sitting in class, the teacher came over and told me to go out in the hallway. I got mad and I did not move. Five minutes later, she came back over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. "I thought I told you to go out in the hallway." "I did," I told her lying through my teeth. "Ok then, so what did you do with your gifts?" she asked. "What gifts?" "Your mom was outside in the hallway holding some gifts for you for your birthday, did you not see her or were you lying to me?" I ran outside the class but my mom was gone. I was very upset but as I was walking back into the class, the teacher said, "Gotcha, that will teach you to disobey me and lie."
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new Posted: 04:35PM Sep 11, 2005

post this as a joke, its funny!
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new Posted: 06:30PM Feb 6, 2006

nice. one day i was reading this story about a boy who had been sitting in a classroom with no tissue. he had a HUGE booger in his nose, so he picked it out and wiped it underneath the desk. the next day the teacher told the class that they were the only ones using that classroom and that they needed to quit wiping boogers under the desk. the teacher knew who did it because of the seating chart..... pretty embarasing!!!
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new Posted: 01:11PM Jun 26, 2006

no i already subitted thoose myself
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