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Hubluza is stupid story

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new Posted: 11:48AM Jun 26, 2006

alright so im about to go to 6th grade but in 5th grade i did sometin stoopid

alright so i recently got a really cool pen that gives you messages when you click it so heres my story o stupid

one day i brought the pen to school. During the spelling test i relized i coundnt find my pen! After the test I told the teacher about the pen. Everone looked and we even spend most of recess looking. Some people lokked in their desk or even cleand their desk. Then i found it in my pocket!
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new Posted: 05:01PM Jul 28, 2006

Next time try actually using your brain. That is if you have one.
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new Posted: 01:06PM Jul 29, 2006

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