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When Doing Corrections... (long post)


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new Posted: 10:58AM Mar 8, 2006

Well, I'm not an English Major, nor a teacher, nor any kind of expert at all. However, I have scored pretty high on most English papers (at least in review of grammer). The reason i am posting this is because i take the time to check the corrections and of course try to reward those that put in an effort to correct jokes properly. As of late, i have seen many many reports of people just adding 1 comma here and there, or 2, and many times that comma is wrong (and of course, that's all they do. 1 comma). One joke i just corrected was someone taking the " , " out of the quotes, and calling it a correction. Actually, for that to BE correct, the punctuation has to be INSIDE the quotes... not outside. Take for example:

"I took my dog to the show," said Jimmy. -Correct

"I took my dog to the show", said Jimmy. -Incorrect

But i saw a couple of requests for corrections in this. I dont know if many other people know grammer very well, or whatnot, i don't know if these corrections made it through or not, because it doesn't tell me if it was approved or disapproved.

Basically, the point of this post is to try and cut down on the all the corrections made "Just for points." You know who you are. If all that's needed is a comma, leave well enough alone. Unless it's in a very conspicuous spot. But if it's something like "We went to the lake and then went to the beach and after that we went home because my momma was cooking dinner." That's just begging for a comma... and to take out the "and" but dont put a comma in "After i went home my mom cooked dinner". Please only put the comma there IF you find something else that's wrong. Like a spelling, or something else major. It'l cut down on the corrections. and it wont waste people's time.

oh ya... also if you DO do a correction, please put a little note at the bottom what you did. Even if it's obvious, it just helps in case we're about to click no, because it wasnt important enough, and you also 'deleted' something and we might have missed it. It just might save the corrections and you get the points. Thanks. And I would appreciate any feedback on this.
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new Posted: 04:28PM Mar 19, 2006

I couldnt agree more, if its an extremely minor correction I'll vote against it. Even if its technically correct I dont think its worth the reward for them, and in the end it just encourages people to flood the correction queue with minor corrections.

The only corrections I think should be submitted are spelling, grammar and overall coherency.
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new Posted: 03:18PM Mar 21, 2006

I completely agree with the both of you. It gets soooo annoying going through all those pointless corrections.

Thank you for bringing this up taran
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new Posted: 04:55PM Mar 21, 2006

I try ^^, thanks for the comments. I havent been on too much due to time constraints etc etc. But i'll try and keep up much more in the future.
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new Posted: 02:53PM Jun 27, 2006

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new Posted: 03:28AM Jan 1, 2010

Some minor corrections shouldn't be there. But I find that paragraphing and other cleaning is considered too minor. We should have a minor correction vote, as well. The joke process doesn't work as well as it should, like on Braingle.
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new Posted: 01:35PM Feb 24, 2011

I agree with enderofgames
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