Kitten of the Dorm

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My college doesn't allow pets in my dorm, so when I got a kitten I had the guys in my dorm refer to him as "the Book" to avoid suspicion.

One morning, as I carried the kitten out to my car in a crate, my girlfriend stopped me and asked, "where are you taking the Book?"

"She's getting Spayed today," I said.

"Hmm..." she said. "I guess that means no sequels!"

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Posted by alex1234 Jun 07, 2003

lol good one

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Posted by sweetgirl Aug 14, 2005

huh?? wat the hell does dat mean???

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Posted by markmonnin Nov 18, 2005

Wait... I thought that females were spayed and males were neutered?

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Posted by lyris Apr 23, 2006


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