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A Girl went up to her mother and asked,

"Mum, is Amsterdam a swear word?"

"No, why?" She asked.

"Is Rotterdam a swear word?" she asked.

"No, why?" her mother repeated.

"Well, I heard little sister talking behind my back after I showed her my lollipop, and she said 'I hope that that lollipop rot her damn teeth!'"

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Posted by cartwheelmac Jan 28, 2006

Children jokes are great!!!!

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Posted by bballrox55 Feb 20, 2006


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Posted by keenanroxxx Feb 20, 2006

u didnt use amsterdam

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Posted by EnderofGames Mar 24, 2006

Stupid dog dude... I had the swear word blanked out because I didn't want to offend anyone, so he "corrected" it.

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Posted by Eins May 22, 2006

thats heterosexually challenged.

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