Your Mother's Brain

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Your mother has something wrong with her brain.
After medical examination, the doctor tells her:
"Your brain has two parts: one is left, and the other is right.
Your left side has nothing right,
Your right side has nothing left."

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Posted by tinsel Jan 21, 2006


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Posted by Majher Jan 23, 2006

Good one!

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Posted by Celanba Jan 30, 2006

Thanx for making me smile!

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Feb 19, 2006

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Posted by iglo1234 Mar 17, 2006

you actully got me to smile thanks

Comment score: 2  

Posted by whoseaskn May 13, 2006

I sprayed my screen when i laughed. very very good.

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 28, 2007

This is unoriginal...

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