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A really drunk guy is walking home from the bar and sees a pumpkin patch on the side of the road. He thinks how nice and squishy they must be on the inside, and decides to have a little fun with a pumpkin. He finds a big one, cuts a hole in it, and starts going at it. It must have been getting pretty good because he didn't even notice that a cop car had pulled up, and that an officer was walking right towards him. The cop says "Hey buddy.... Do you know you're screwing a pumpkin?" to which the guy responds, "A pumpkin?!? It's midnight already???"

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Posted by otherman Mar 21, 2006


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Posted by fauck Mar 26, 2006

what does this mean???????? ??????????

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Posted by raineboe Mar 26, 2006

In Cinderella the spell was broken at midnight.When the officer came up,the drunk man used the best excuse he could think of

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Posted by fauck Mar 27, 2006

what are you even talking about? no sense. i'm a lot more confused.

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