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After his recent stay in the hospital, Pa was particularly irritable, especially regarding food. At a nearby restaurant he stopped for a quick meal and the waiter provided a bowl of soup.

As the waiter turned away to return to the kitchen Pa stopped him, calling: "Waiter!"

"Yes, sir, is there something wrong?"

"The soup. Taste it," replied Pa.

"I beg your pardon, sir?"

"Taste it."

"But, sir, I can assure you that the soup is excellent."

"Taste it," Pa persisted.

"Sir, the soup was made this morning of the finest ingredients."

"Taste it!"

The exasperated waiter finally relented. "All right, sir, I'll taste it." Then after a pause he said, "Where is the spoon?"

To which Pa replied triumphantly, "Ah ha ... "

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Posted by zemoxian Jan 16, 2006

I remember Eddie Murphy doing this one in "Coming to America." Fun stuff.

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Posted by Celanba Jan 30, 2006

I don't get it.

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Posted by bananasisthisx Feb 17, 2006

i dont get it either

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Posted by blue4ever16 Feb 17, 2006

Pa was informing the waiter that he forgot to give him a spoon.....

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Posted by timmycool Jun 05, 2006

i like that one!

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