A Blonde's IQ

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I was watching Beauty and the Geek the other day, and felt like submitting this joke (as it's somewhat similar to something that happened in the show).

A blonde is in school, and her teacher is having a random discussion about IQs.

Teacher: "So what would you say your IQ is?" she asks a student

Kid #1: "I don't know.. I think it's just the regular 100."

Teacher: "He, he, alright, you?" she asks another student.

Kid #2: "Umm... well... I took a test and it's 118."

Teacher: "Ah, you're pretty smart, then."

The teacher then realizes that someone is not paying attention.

Teacher: "What IQ do you think you have, young lady?"

The blonde jolts up a little due to the surprise.

Blonde: "My IQ?"

Teacher: "Yes."

The blonde then grins arrogantly, "Heh, my IQ is, I would say, probably like an A right now... what is that? Like a 4.0?"

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Posted by hottia Jan 14, 2006

add more action to it

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Posted by wagner_cmw Jul 09, 2006

nice joke loved it

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