The Best Blind Masseur

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A customer (a middle-aged woman) arrived to have a massage from among the fifteen or so blind masseurs. She came with a side-kick who brought along her things from the office. Approaching the line of masseurs waiting for customers,
Lady - in a voice quite loud as to be overheard "They are good masseurs these blind people, huh?"
Sidekick - "Yes, ma'am"
Lady - "But I heard that the blind who are nearly deaf are the best because they can concentrate more on what they are doing."
Just then a masseur interjected - "Excuse me, ma'am your voice sounds familiar - Do I know you?"
Lady - "No, I don't think so," then excitedly louder, "It is my first time to come here!"
Masseur - "You are correct, ma'am. My name is Homer! How nice of you to remember!"
The lady signalled a thumbs up to her side-kick. Then said "I'll have my massage here!"

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Posted by cartwheelmac Jan 09, 2006

I don't get it.

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Posted by Eins May 08, 2006

The blind man heard what she said and pretended to be near deaf so he would get paid.

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