Son and Father

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A son and a father are walking together in a sunday morning, chatting. They enter a park and pass by a big, fat man, on a bench, drooling in his sleep (with his mouth open) and a bag of potato chips on his lap. As they pass by him the son snickers, while the father sighs. They continue walking talking about many things. Eventually, a hot woman in a red dress passes by, the son looks at her with eyes of passion. The father looks at her too.
"Son, don't be fooled by a woman's good looks"
the son looks at his father, ready for a lesson.
"That's your mom 20 years ago"
then he sighs.
"That's your mom now", he says as he looks at the man on the bench.

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Posted by nogakitty Jan 03, 2006


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Posted by short_brunette Jan 04, 2006

I don't get it

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Posted by WyndRyder76 Jan 09, 2006

Basically, he's saying that his wife has changed over the years from one hot woman, to something similar to the big, fat, drooling man on a bench (or in other words she has gone from hot to ugly).

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Posted by iglo1234 Mar 17, 2006

fuuuuuuuny fat man

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Posted by faraaz Apr 02, 2006

hey did the mom just change into a FAT GUY!!

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Posted by hubluza Jun 18, 2006

ya never said yo momma

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Posted by Joke_Master Oct 28, 2007

... sounds a little too general... ):

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