Just Like Me

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This is a joke to do to a very gullible person. You start off by telling that person to say "Just like me", whenever you say something. You then start:
"I went to my house"
Just like me.
"And walked through the door"
just like me
"and up the stairs"
just like me
"and then I walked down the hall"
just like me
"and opened the door to my room"
just like me
" And then I heard a noise"
just like me
" and I looked out my window"
just like me
"And saw a monkey that looked"
just like me

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Posted by brain_dead Jan 01, 2006


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Posted by nogakitty Jan 03, 2006


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Posted by stacyana Jan 04, 2006

That was funny. I'm going to try that on my cousins.

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Posted by shiny_and_new Jan 20, 2006

I know a few people that would work on!

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Posted by Sybyl Jan 31, 2006

If I do that on my younger brother he will say "just like you" at the last part, but will not say, "just like me"! Overall, it is a really funny joke.

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