Lottery Winner

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A man walked into a stockbroker's office and said to the receptionist, "I just won the lottery, and I want to open an account with your %**!&%*! company."

Heads turned in shock at hearing the man's language. "I'm sorry, but we don't allow that kind of talk here," the receptionist said. "You'll have to leave."

"I told you I want to open an account with this %**!&%*! company," the man insisted.

Suddenly the manager came out. "What's all the swearing about?" he asked.

"I just won $12 million and I want to open an account with your %**!&%*! company," the man replied.

"Oh, I see," said the manager. "And are these %**!&%*! people giving you a hard time?"

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Posted by Fathead Sep 10, 2012

Whoever has the gold...

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