Trying to Fix a Clock

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Harvey's grandfather clock suddenly stops working right one day, so he loads it into his van and takes it to a clock repair shop.

In the shop is a little old man who insists he is Swiss, and has a heavy German accent. He asks Harvey, "Vat sims to be ze problem?"

Harvey says, "I'm not sure, but it doesn't go 'tick-tocktick -tock' anymore. Now it just goes 'tick...tick...tick.'"

The old man says, "Mmm-Hm!" and steps behind the counter, where he rummages around a bit. He emerges with a huge flashlight and walks over the grandfather clock.

He turns the flashlight on, and shines it directly into the clocks face. Then he says in a menacing voice, "Ve haf vays of making you tock!"

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Posted by sunnyday311 Dec 22, 2005

"tock" sounds a lot like "talk" so it was like the clock guy was interrogating the clock. Very funny.

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Posted by gilmoregirlsfan Dec 28, 2005

o thx Thats cute!!!

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Posted by tinsel Jan 03, 2006

Funny!! I liked it!!

Comment score: 1  

Posted by sillygoose22 Jan 27, 2006

good joke. didnt like how the 1 person made fun of german accents. that was pretty mean. still, good joke

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Posted by Celanba Jan 30, 2006

Haha! Very cute!

Comment score: 3  

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