Stupid Momma

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Yo momma'a so stupid she stopped at a stop sign and waited untill it changed to 'Go!'

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Posted by me310 Dec 05, 2005

good 1 lil bro

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Posted by taran083 Dec 08, 2005

darn typos.. always get the best of ya... dont you mean stop sign? ^_^

Comment score: 3  

Posted by nogakitty Dec 10, 2005

HAHAHAHA! stupid but funny!

Comment score: 3  

Posted by ocg3-d Dec 12, 2005

thanks tsurt

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Posted by lil_cree_chick Dec 23, 2005

this is SOOOO funny lol

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Posted by Majher Jan 07, 2006

How many times have I heard this joke? Oh yeah, a million.

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Posted by tinsel Jan 10, 2006


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Posted by tyler_j_d Jul 20, 2006

lol that momma is almost as retarded as urs is

Comment score: -1  

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