3 Childish Poems

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1. During recess time,
I like skipping rope.
When I skip I shout a rhyme,
And jump with all my hope.

2. I didn't study for the test even though I should've.
I was playing PS2 and I would've,
so I copied off of yours,
I got them all wrong,
so now I sing this song. (sing over and over this is an endless song.)

3. Some gum chum?
It's watermelon,
although I chewed it some,
and it is jerybellum. (jerybellum - bubble gum co.)

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Posted by nogakitty Jan 02, 2006

thats fine if you dont like my jokes. im just really bad i guess. tell me what i can work on. its fine just tell me.

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Posted by zemoxian Jan 03, 2006

Gee, sweettooth, chill some. Poetry can be funny. And, if it isn't it'll get a low score. Then it's effectively invisible. One of my favorite jokes is the poem about 2 dead boys. Sure, it's not a traditional joke, but it is funny.

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Posted by Celanba May 12, 2006

Try writing a joke about something that happened to you, or just writing one liners.

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