4 Indescrete Facts..

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Yo momma is so fat ,
She uses a pillow for a tampon.

Yo momma is so stupid ,
That when her boyfriend said, "Lets do it doggie-style
tonight," she sat down and licked her ass.

Yo momma is so dumb ,
That she was arrested for taking a dump at a construction site next to a sign that read, "Dump waste here."

Yo momma is so fat ,
That when she farted, your dad ran away yelling, "It's a tornado. Hide!"

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Posted by funnygurl Oct 27, 2005

Funny... dont talk about my mama..lol

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Posted by seandidy Oct 27, 2005


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Posted by eger2please Nov 05, 2005

hey r u going to stand there and let them talk about your momma like that. Very funny

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Posted by sevenupplus Nov 05, 2005

That is really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by seandidy Nov 06, 2005

Thank you all

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Posted by luvya92 Nov 28, 2005

nice variety... funny... gross HeHe

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