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Q: How many polititians does it take to screw in a
light bulb?

A: 6
Clinton to start the screwing enitiative,

Nixon to steal public tax money to campain for the support of the light bulb initiative,

Jimmy Carter to bore people to death about the campain

Reagan to reasure the American public that it is necesary and ok to change the light bulb

Bush jr. to make a mess of the initiative........

.........and Hillary to come smack the s#%@ out of her husband for screwing around!!!

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Posted by seandidy Oct 10, 2005

Hey somebody edit this for me, the lines were messed up.!!!!!

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Posted by william Oct 11, 2005


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Posted by seandidy Oct 12, 2005

Thanks william,can I get few more comments on the joke???Somebody,anybody???

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Posted by Misty Oct 17, 2005

That was funny!

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Posted by Misty Oct 17, 2005

Although a tad offensive...

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Posted by shiny_and_new Jan 22, 2006

I thought it was funny, though Hillary isn't a president yet. who would it offend?

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Posted by hubluza Jun 29, 2006

no hilary hilary bad

Comment score: 2  

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