Gross, Grosser, Grossest

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What's gross?
Two vampires fighting over a bloody tampon.

What's grosser than that?
Finding a used condom on the bottom of a mayonnaise jar.

What's grosser than that?
When you open the refigerator and the rump rost farts in your face.

You want to know what's grosser than that?
When you sit on your grandpa's lap and he pops a boner.

But the one thing that is grosser than that is when you are siting on your grandma's lap and she pops a boner.

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Posted by fluffy5851 Oct 09, 2005


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Posted by imlaughin Oct 09, 2005

ewww, nasty, im about 2 puke!

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Posted by brain_dead Nov 05, 2005

ha ha ha hilarious

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Posted by eger2please Nov 25, 2005

Whats so gross about an used condom in a mayonase jar and a pop boner plese fill me in.

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Posted by mathlover639 Nov 27, 2005

i don't get it

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