The Famers Daughter

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The was a man named Jimmy who was on a job interview in another state that he didn't know very well. While he was driving he became very tired. Noticing there were no hotels in sight, he pulled over in the driveway and knocked on the door. A old man in his 60s greeted him.

"Hi, Im sorry to disturb you, but I am very tired. May I sleep here just for tonight?" Jimmy asked.

The old man cleared his thoat and said,"Well, I don't have any more rooms available, but you can sleep with my daughter if you don't disturb her."

Jimmy nodded his head and agreed, and the old man showed him the room. "See you in the morning," said the old man.

Jimmy stripped his clothes off and got into the bed. He fell asleep right away. The only problem was he keep waking up when he touched the farmers daughter.

Morning finally came around and he went downstairs. The old man was at the stove cooking some breakfast.

"Your daughter was really cold last night and it's really weird how she doesn't toss and turn, even when a stranger is in her bed," Jimmy said.

" Well, what did you expect? We're going to bury her today."

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Posted by kayleeskitties Sep 19, 2005

Oh my-lol-that is just wrong! Too funny though!

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Posted by shimmermaid Sep 19, 2005

OOooh! That was nasty! Weird joke!

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Posted by zemoxian Sep 21, 2005

Ahh yes! I almost forgot the category of this joke. Gross!

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Posted by tennesseehick Sep 22, 2005

that is totally disgusting! that makes me want to puke!!

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Posted by kikadez Apr 27, 2006

ewww... but still funny

Comment score: 1  

Posted by actsingdance247 May 08, 2006

i dont get it

Comment score: -1  

Posted by sassy26 Jun 26, 2006

thats wrong in so many ways

Comment score: -1  

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