Bon Appetit

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When I walk the dogs, I take a handful of black plastic bags, since the local council requires us to 'clear up after our dogs' or face a stiff fine. This being the wild blackberry season, I use a spare (clean!) one to hold the blackberries I pick on the way.
Coming off the hill, I passed an American visitor, who said something, looking at the bulging bag.

"I'm taking them home for supper - they're delicious with cream," I said.

She turned white.

Some minutes later I worked out that she had said that the dog-waste bin was just round the corner.

If I see her again, I must invite her to supper.

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Posted by juggleboy502 Sep 09, 2005


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Posted by buttons Sep 12, 2005

Thank You

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Posted by shimmermaid Sep 29, 2005

THAT was funny!

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Posted by jhlcc Dec 09, 2005

sorry, but i don't get it. can someone please explain it to me.

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Posted by sweettooth1479 Jan 30, 2006

this 1s hard to xplain

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Posted by Joke_Master Jan 01, 2011

The writer thought the lady was referring to blackberries, when she was actually referring to dog poo

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