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Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?

What happens if you pop the popcorn upside down?

Why aren't HAMburgers made out of ham?

And my favorite:
Donde estan mis pantalones?

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Posted by WolfDaemon Sep 06, 2005

I don't quite understand the last one (I was doing advanced math when they were teaching Spanish).

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Posted by zemoxian Sep 19, 2005

The best I could get out of Babelfish was "Where my trousers estan?" I don't get it. Of course, computers are not known for their humor so it could be a bad translation.

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Posted by orange_syrup Sep 20, 2005

It translates to, not exactly of course, because then it wouldn't make any sense, "Where are my pants?" I could not put the correct accent on estan. Sorry.

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Posted by orange_syrup May 26, 2006

if you guys don't like my jokes stop reading them

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Posted by ntsoaky Sep 18, 2006

all every1 wants 2 know is WHAT DOES THE LAST ONE MEAN. That's all. I like ur jokes

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Posted by orange_syrup Sep 18, 2006

i said before but mb you missed it. it means where are my pants? i heard it on tv =D

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