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At the beginning of term, we were supposed to portray what we learned during holidays by acting in a play for the school. Here I was known as the best actress in class so I was given the role of a secondary student who goes out with a rich man's reckless son.

During the rehearsals, everything went perfect until the real day on stage.

Acting pregnant with clothes stuffed in my dress, I begged the rich man's son not to leave me in such a condition when suddenly my BABY fell out of the TUMMY...

I was so embarrassed as the whole school burst out laughing hysterically. But with talent, I knelt down n cried that silence fell upon their heads thinking it was part of the play...

I was still voted the best.

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Posted by seandidy Oct 20, 2005

I don't get it.

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Posted by Fathead Oct 05, 2012

Sean, she won because she improvised.

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