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A man and a woman are having an affair.

One day, the woman's husband comes home early from work. To avoid being caught, the cheating man runs over to hide in the closet. As he closes the door he hears a little voice say, "It's dark in here." This startles the man, and he looks down to see the woman's son. He then asks, "You're not going to say anything, right kid?" The boy says, "You know, I could really use a new baseball glove," to which the man replies, "Ok, ok here's $25 if you keep quiet." "You got a deal mister," the boy says, and he leaves the closet.

The next week, the woman's husband comes home again. As the cheater goes into a closet, he hears a voice say, "It's dark in here". The man says "What are you doing in here again kid?" The boy tells him, "I could really use a new baseball bat," and the man grumbles, "Yeah , ok, here's $50, now leave me alone."

After a few weeks of getting a new glove, bat, ball, and uniform, the boy feels guilty, so he goes to church to confess. He enters the confessional and sits down, saying, "It's dark in here." The priest next to him says, "Now don't start that shit again!"

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Posted by fauck Jul 28, 2005

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Posted by fauck Jul 28, 2005

what does this mean?

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Posted by FlagPrincess04 Aug 12, 2005

it means that the man sleeping with the little boy's mother was the priest.

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Posted by fauck Aug 24, 2005

where do you get that from?

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Posted by markmonnin Nov 17, 2005

Because the priest recognized the boy and his "It's dark in here." comment.

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Posted by fauck Jan 31, 2006

i still dont get it. can you explain from the beginning?

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Posted by ntsoaky Aug 09, 2006

dirty priest! funny

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Posted by Pink Nov 20, 2006

the man the woman was cheating with was the priest, every week the boy said "its dark in here" and the priest gave him money not to tell his dad. When the boy went to confess he again said "its dark in here" the preist had been hearing that ang giving the boy money for a while so he recognized the boy saying that. Its funny

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