Room 113

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A woman was standing in a crowded lift of the hotel she was staying in. When a man got in and accidentally elbowed her in the breast. The man said, "I'm sorry! But if your heart is as soft as your tit, you'll forgive me." so the woman replies, "If you dick is as hard as your elbow then I am staying in room 113."

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Posted by jedichick1 Aug 29, 2005

i dont get it. please explain...

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Posted by beecool Aug 30, 2005

If he is having an erection from elbowing her tit, then it would be hard.....

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Posted by schatzy228 Nov 24, 2005

how old might the first 2 to comment be?

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Posted by Blade Jul 27, 2006

dont the other first two get it??

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Posted by ntsoaky Jul 27, 2006


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