No First Class

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A blonde boards a flight going to New York and sits in first class. A flight attendant asks to see her ticket. It's a coach ticket. The flight attendant politely asks her to move. "I can do what eva I want! I'm a blonde." says the blonde. The flight attendant tells one of the other flight attendants that the blonde won't move. The second flight attendant walks up to the blonde and says something to her and the blonde goes to coach. "What did you say to her?" asks the first flight attendant. "I told her that first class wasnt going to New York, only coach is."

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Posted by kelsey777 Aug 28, 2005

thanks for editing it beecool

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Posted by kelsey777 Aug 28, 2005

will someone please comment?

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Posted by Fluffy5851 Oct 05, 2005

I dont get it... I guess Im to blonde

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Posted by munkyluver646 Nov 17, 2005

thats hilarious

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Posted by dalejrgirl Nov 25, 2005

i dont get it, and i'm not a blode!!!!!

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Posted by sillygoose22 Jan 31, 2006

Hey people who dont get this: The flight attendant told her that only one part of the plane was going to new york, so if she wanted to get there she would have to take the right part of the plane. she believed him. btw eye roll isnt for you its for the joke cuz it was good.

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