Things the Felines Have Taught Me

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1) The couch is not mine.
2) No matter how much larger the human is, the cat still deserves half of the bed.
3) Tell those you love how much you love them but only after they feed you.
4) Its okay to be a tad overweight as long as you are still able to reach your goals(for example the windowsill).
5) Catnip actualy has a rather nice scent.
6) The printer is a valid seat.
7) All scurmishes with others can be solved by looking innocent.
8) Its okay to lose some hair,
and of course,
9) Its always nice to be with those you love,even if they do smell like dog!

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Posted by imlaughin Aug 11, 2005


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Posted by Fluffy5851 Oct 06, 2005

THAT SOUND JUST LIKE MY CATS!! Their names are Zero and Ebay. They are so cute. Great joke deffently going on my favs that joke was cute-funny

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Posted by ComfyAndJoy Feb 12, 2006

My cat and my dog, Jasper and diesel!! (speaking of Diesel, He went missing, if any of you people see a missing jack, let me know where at!)

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