So You Wanna be a Musician?

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A man dies and finds himself standing third in line at the Pearly Gates.

The Angel explains that admission requirements are now a bit more strict, as a few slum landlords and con artists have managed to slip into Heaven without being detected.

He queries the first candidate: "What was your annual salary, and what was your profession?"
"I made $150,000 as an Attorney" comes the reply.
"You may enter" says the Angel.

Second candidate, same question. "I made $95,000; I was a realtor."
He is also permitted to enter. Now it is the third man's turn.

"My annual salary was $8,000."
"Cool!" replies the Angel, "and what instrument did you play?"

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Posted by candyqueen_5 Jun 29, 2005

Funny, but mean

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Posted by locked_in_hell Sep 08, 2006

not funny!!!!

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