Questions That Have Confused Me!

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Why is it that when babies are born they only weigh like 7 lbs. yet the mom weighs 30 lbs. more?

Why do they call the small candy bars the "fun sizes"? Wouldn't be more fun to eat a big one?

Why do people say PIN number when that truly means Personal Identification Number Number?

If the handicapped bathrooms are for people who can't walk why do they put them at the end of the bathrooms?

Can someone give up lent for lent?

Why do people say, "You've been working like a dog," when dogs just sit around all day?

If marriage means you fell in love, does divorce mean you climbed out?

And why isn't the word 'gullible' in the dictionary?

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Posted by funnydude Jun 21, 2005

HA! the last one is my favorite!!!! those are so funny!!!! to the favs for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol to the millionth power!!!!!!!!

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Posted by pt_88 Jun 23, 2005

that is so true and so funny!

Comment score: 6  

Posted by amansuh Jun 24, 2005

i really like this!!

Comment score: 6  

Posted by Sarah5225766 Jul 04, 2005

haha, funny! my sis read this and asked me the questions, here's what i said to her: 1) because the baby lives in a bag that ways 23 pounds. 2) because it's fun to argue w/ your parents that it's okay to eat alot of these candies because each one is low in calories compared to the larger bar. 3) Because when people said "enter your pin" it confused people, and when someone said "enter your pi number" ppl looked at them like there retards. 4) because the handi capped ppl get to ride to the end, while the ppl who aren't handicapped would have to walk all the way back there. 5) *no comment* 6) because when you leave, dogs throw crazy parties that you don't know about, then work hard to clean them up b4 the owner gets back! 7) divorce means you get 50% and freedom because the people who made the dictionary were gullible enough to believe that gullible wasn't a word.

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Posted by seraphim Jul 15, 2005

It is too in the dictionary! I looked it up! ooooohhhh! I get it. Hey! I'm not gullible! hee hee...I'm gonna have to use that on somebody.

Comment score: 3  

Posted by shimmermaid Jul 21, 2005

I know better than to look up gullible! lol! good one! keep 'em comin'!

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Posted by Majher Jul 22, 2005

You sound like Andy Roony!

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Posted by jodocroco Jul 25, 2005

yeah these are all true and pretty cool

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Posted by gilmoregirlsfan Sep 08, 2005

ha ha ha!!!

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Posted by EnderofGames Mar 24, 2006

I've always heard it as "Hey, look, someone put the word gullible on the roof!"

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Posted by Shastaki Sep 11, 2006

I know a gullible thingy that is, "Do you know that if you say banana really slowly it sounds like gullible?

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