AF1 Monkeys

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This joke is kind of dated but it's still funny.
Al Gore, Bill, Hilary, and Chelsea Clinton were all riding in the Airforce One. Out of the blue Gore says, "I could throw a hundred, one dollar bills out the window and make a hundred people happy." Bill says, "Well I could throw ten, ten dollar bills out the window, and make ten people very happy." Hilary, not wanting to be left out, says "Well I could throw one, one hundred dollar bill out the window and make one person extremely happy." Chelsea rolled her eyes and said "Well i could throw all three of you out the window and make the whole nation happy!"

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Posted by Latina_marisa Jul 05, 2005

Thats funny!! keep it up Ure in the Navy? cool beans.

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Posted by Phaedorna Aug 04, 2005

Very similar #1402

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Posted by shimmermaid Oct 02, 2005

I like this!

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