Blonde on the Road

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A blonde is on the road when suddenly she gets a phonecall from her friend: "Watch out! I heard on the radio that some lunatic is going against traffic!" So the blonde says, "Only one? They all are!"

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Posted by ntsoaky Jun 08, 2005

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Posted by darthforman Jun 08, 2005


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Posted by Mizthangg125 Jun 08, 2005

Ohhhh It took me a while to get it but ha ha ha its funny!

Comment score: 3  

Posted by SexyChic Jun 08, 2005

I like this one! It was great!

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Posted by shimmermaid Jun 09, 2005

Good one!

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Posted by ashleyrena143 Jun 11, 2005

yeah yeah yeah I bet a brunette wrote this

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Posted by mathlover639 Nov 23, 2005

it took me a while too but that is hilarious

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