Hair Streaks

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A blond, brunette, and redhead are talking. The blond asks the brunette, "Where did you get those hair streaks?" She answers, "Its natural." The brunette asks the redhead the same question. "Its natural." she answers. The redhead and brunette ask the blond, "How did you get that green streak in your hair?" She answers, "Phhnnnggg," (As she blows her nose on her hand and puts it through her hair) "Its natural.''

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Posted by beecool Jul 13, 2005

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I-CANT---STOP----LAUGHING!!! LOL! I loved it ... write more please!

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Posted by hamburger Jul 20, 2005

beecool, are you serious? You actually thought it was funny?

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Posted by 2sandwoman Nov 29, 2005


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