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Two guys are sitting there enjoying the Saturday night baseball game. It is the top of the 2nd inning when suddenly they notice two Nuns arrive at the game. Lo and behold the Nuns enter the row in front of them and make there way along, of course sitting directly in front of them.

Well, their disgust was overwhelming... Nuns... at a baseball match!!! One of them immediately comes out with the comment "Go to a basketball game, ya wouldn't find Nuns there now would ya!?".

A little while on, the other of the two comments "Go to a football game, ya wouldn't find Nuns there now would ya!?".

Again, not more than five minutes later, the first one mentions "Go to a Ice Hockey game, you wouldn't find Nuns there now would ya!?".

Well that was obviously the breaking point and immediately one of the Nuns turned to the two men, bellowing "Go to hell! Ya won't find Nuns there either!!!"

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