Dinosaur Theory

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OK, let's consider the physical evidence.

The moon is moving away at a tiny, although measurable distance from the Earth every year.

Do the math and you will clearly see that 85 million years ago it was orbiting the earth at a distance of about 35 feet from the earth's surface. This would explain the death of the dinosaurs; the tallest ones, anyway

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Posted by shimmermaid Jun 04, 2005


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Posted by Avril_lavigne Jun 22, 2005

umm sorry but thats not really a joke

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Posted by WolfDaemon Sep 04, 2005

*nods* Not really a joke, and scientifically incorrect. Kinda out of line, regarding the logic.

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Posted by Celanba Jun 21, 2006

If this was true than the Earth's gravitational pull would cause the moon to crash into the Earth.

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