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Little Johnny was playing with his father's wallet when he accidently swallowed a quarter. He went crying to his mom, choking on the quarter. They took him to a doctor, who said that the quarter was impossible to remove without surgery, they consulted a specialist who was of the same opinion. Then came a man who said he could get the money out in a jiffy. He turned little Johnny upside down and patted him with great precision on the back of neck and, sure enough, the quarter rolled out. Everyone was amazed, the father said "You must be an expert!" The man replied, "No sir I'm just a tax collector."

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Posted by marigold May 20, 2005

ba doo chh (say it out loud slowly)

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Posted by sophia7 Jul 11, 2005

I dont get the ba do chh thing...

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Posted by SweetTooth1479 Jul 18, 2005

me neither

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Posted by thegermangemini Aug 09, 2005

Its the drum set at the end of a joke. You know, the punchline muzak! Da dum cha!

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