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An older man, Mr.Brown, in his hospital room knew that he was nearing his death, so he called in the three people that he trusted the most - his doctor, his pastor, and his lawyer. They were all waiting sadly outside of his room, when he called in his doctor. The doctor walked in slowly expecting to have to reassure the diagnosis. To his surprise, his patient handed him $30,000 in cash. Mr. Brown simply said, "When I die, put this in my coffin."

The doctor walked walked out confused and told the pastor that Mr. Brown was ready for him. Now the pastor walked in expecting for Mr. Brown to confess every sin he ever committed in hopes of ending it right. To his surprise, the old man handed him another $30,000; Mr. Brown simply repeated himself.

His pastor walked out searching the possibilities and told the lawyer that his client was ready for him. The lawyer walked in expecting that his client would want to review his will. To his surprise, Mr. Brown handed him another $30,000 and calmly repeated himself.

Later that night, Mr. Brown passed on. 3 days later his lamenting family members set up a small funeral in his honor. The lawyer, the doctor, and the pastor all showed up. After the funeral, they gathered and discussed what they did with the small fortunes so simply handed to them.

The doctor spoke up with a look of defeat on his face, "I was going to return the money, but that poor little girl could not afford the operation." The pastor spoke up with a similar look, "I was going to return the money, but we were so close to the price of the new sanctuary." The lawyer spoke up with the look of triumph on his face, "I knew that ya'll would fail, so I wrote a check for $90,000 to cover all of our debt."

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Posted by sarahlynne May 19, 2005

i don't get it

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Posted by shimmermaid May 31, 2005

LOL! I like it!

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