Nice Shot

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Jesus, Moses and an Old Man with a long gray beard, in overalls were playing golf.
Moses tees off and his ball lands 5 inches from the hole. "Nice shot, Moses," says Jesus.
Next, Jesus tees off. His ball lands 2 inches from the hole. "Well, you were closer that I was," said Moses.
Next the old man tees off. As he is chewing on a piece of straw, he watches his ball head straight for the water hazard, where it is immediately swallowed by a fish. Just as the fish jumps up to swallow the ball, an eagle swoops down and grabs the fish. As the eagle is flying away, a lightning bolt strikes him and he drops the fish. The fish lands about 10 inches from the hole and the ball pops out and rolls right into the hole.
Jesus looks back and says, "Nice shot, Dad."

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Posted by fauck Jul 14, 2005

huh? what is this?

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Posted by juggleboy502 Jul 26, 2005

jesus's father is God, and God made all those things happen to get the ball in the hole, God was the old man!

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Posted by fauck Jul 26, 2005

oh so this is religious. thanks for explaining. i didnt realize that before but i know almost nothing about that religion though.

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