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Here are some books that should never be written:

Workaholism, by Anita Dayoff

Never Say Goodbye, by C.U. Latta

Crowd Control, by General Panic

Amazing Facts, by G. Willikers

The Last Supper, by M.T. Potts

Fast Food, by Eaton Run

The Bee Hive, by I. Ben Stung

Turn Off The Light, by Les Watts

Cattle Ranching, by Brandon D. Bull

Bullfighting Mistakes, by Gordon Bluddy

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Posted by monkey_balls May 26, 2005

write more!

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Posted by schatzy228 Dec 19, 2005

good list,,,,but dont forget YELLOW RIVER , by I. P. Daily

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Posted by marigold Jun 04, 2006

I.P. Freely, I think...

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Posted by flamehead Nov 10, 2006

I've read this one before.

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