You Lie Like A Dog!

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A man was taking a walk around town one day and he passed a sign saying 'Talking dog for sale $5'. He thought it was a scam, but he went to see what was up anyway.
When he got to the porch a dog came up to him. Deciding to be a smart aleck, he asked the dog if it could talk.
The dog said, "Yes, I can. I am the one mentioned in the sign. You can go inside and talk to my owner if you want to buy me."
The man asked, "How come you can talk?"
The dog answered, "I was a secret CIA experiment. They altered my genes and I used to be a covert agent. I led to many gang busts and stopped a lot of assassination attempts. Once they learned I told my owner about the cases, they kicked me out and now I am stuck here."
The man was in awe and went to talk to the dog's owner Bob.
He asked why the dog was so cheap since he was in the CIA and Bob said, "Was he telling YOU that too?! He tells that to everybody. The reason he is so cheap is because I can't believe a word he says. He's a compulsive liar! The most exciting thing he has ever done is lick his own butt instead of the cat's for a change!"

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Posted by silly_goose Nov 06, 2006

That seemed like it would turn out to be a really, really good joke....and then the 'punchline' happened...nice try--definitely a nice beginning!

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