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Here are some actual town's names:

1.) Two Egg, a town in Florida, was named for a system of barter used in the area after the Civil War, when two eggs were regularly traded for a bag of tobacco or sugar.

2.) Ed and Uz are the shortest place names in the United States. Both towns are in Kentucky.

3.) Slovenskanarodnapodpornajednota is a town in Pennsylvania. It has one of the longest names in the United States, but it covers only 500 acres and has only 11 residents, one mailbox, and one pay phone.

4.) Onoville, New York, was given this name because each time someone suggested a name at a town council meeting, the person was greeted by a chorus of "Oh, no!"

5.) Show Low is the name of a town in Arizona that was won in a game of chance. Two frontiersmen, dissolving a partnership, agreed the town site would go to the one who drew the low card.

6,) Pig's Eye was the former name of St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota.

And Finally...

7.) Snowflake, a town in Arizona, was named after Erastus Snow and William Flake.

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Posted by marigold May 23, 2006

There is a town in Missouri called Tightwad...

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