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A rich Chinese family (a 36 year old dad, a 36 year old mom, and a 2 year old son) was flying in their private jet.

It ran out of fuel, and there were only two parachutes. The parents decided they could always have another son, so they grabbed the parachutes and jumped off.

When they got home, they saw their son sitting on their porch. "How the hell did you get here? And before us?" the dad said, confused.

The little boy stood up and said,

"Me Chinese, me think fast, me hold on to daddy's ass.
He make fart, I go zoom, that's how I get home so soon!"

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Posted by fauck Jun 23, 2005

what's funny about this? the words seem a wierd. 'me'?? is that part of the joke?

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Posted by fauck Jun 29, 2005


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