Cheating On Your Husband

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A husband & wife are talking.
Husband: "How many times have you cheated on me?"
Wife: "Only twice."
Husband: "Tell me about them."
Wife: "Remember when you were very sick, and we didn't have money to pay for the doctor? Well, I slept with him."
Husband: "That's not so bad; and the other?"
Wife: "Remember when you were running in the elections, and you needed 450 votes?"

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Posted by fauck Mar 26, 2006

what does this mean?

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Posted by Celanba Jul 11, 2006

By cheating twice, the husband thought she meant that she'd cheated with two men, but she cheated on two occasions.

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Posted by fauck Jul 12, 2006

what's the difference? 2 occassions. 2 men. you can only have sex with one person at a time.

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Posted by taran083 Sep 23, 2006

oh really... i beg to differ >.>

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Posted by Potatosrmyfriend Jun 25, 2007

He needed 450... or was it 250... votes, so she must have cheated with about 450 (or 250) men on that on occasion.

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Posted by kappa64 Jun 26, 2008

all it means is that she slept with 450 men to get her husband to win the election.

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