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The Mexican was finally caught on the borderline of the US by an American cop.

The Mexican begged, "Pleese, siir. I muss stay here in America. I muss!"

But the American still wasn't convinced. So, the Mexican pleaded more and more with very bad English. At last, the cop, assuming the Mexican's English couldn't get any worst, said to the Mexican, "I will let you stay if you can use 3 words in one sentence."

The Mexican thought for a while, and replied, "Is all right. I say. I say."

The cop said, "The words are: Green, pink and yellow."

After a few seconds of consideration, the Mexican responded, "Da phone - it rang: Green, green, green. I pink it up and sez, 'yellow?'"

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Posted by worldpeacemaker May 20, 2005

Pretty hilarious, that one!!! I've heard that from ur sis. But anyway I still laugh after reading it again. Keep it up, demonic spirit. I am ur #1 fan!!!

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