Everything is Big in Texas

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It seems that upon passing away, a Texan found himself at the legendary Pearly Gates, and St. Peter himself was in attendance to personally greet him!
After the usual checklist and verifications, St. Peter made some small talk and commented that he had heard that in Texas, everything is big.
The Texan agreed and responded saying, "Yup, everything is big in Texas."
"Well," said St. Peter, "we've got some pretty big things up here in Heaven too."

He then led the Texan to a farm where cabbages were as big as Volkswagens and the carrots towered over them like redwood trees. "Pretty impressive eh?" said St. Peter.
The Texan smiled and remarked, "Yes sir Mr. Peter, they are some pretty big vegetables you've got here, but I've seen big vegetables before, back in Texas. Everything is really big in Texas," he repeated.
St. Peter then took the Texan to a far cloud and said, "look at this!" as he pointed downward.

It was there that the Texan saw an eternal lake of fire streching out across the horizon with no end in sight.

"Well, sir, what do you think of that?" inquired St. Peter. The Texan took one more look at incredible vastness of the roaring flames, and said to St. Peter, "That's a mighty big fire you've got going on down there Mr. Peter, but I'll tell you what; I know a couple of fellers over in Houston that can put that out for you."

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