A Couple Of Teenagers

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A couple of teenagers craving something sweet drove to the nearest Baskin-Robbins. They bought ice cream cones and returned to their car to be comfortable. As they settled back to enjoy themselves, two ravens landed on the front hood and began to caw and flutter, and to peck at the windshield. The young man finally figured out what they wanted. He finished his ice cream, opened the window, and put his empty cone on the hood. The birds immediately settled down to eat. "You're wonderful," said his girlfriend. "How did you ever think of that?"

"Nothing to it," he replied. "It was just a case of stilling two birds with one cone."

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Posted by taiya2 Mar 28, 2005

OOOh! Good pun!

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Posted by kitty_08540 Apr 23, 2005

I love jokes where you need to know something in advance to understand them.

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Posted by j_mon Apr 28, 2005


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Posted by bigSWAFF_69_ May 30, 2005

ok.....is "stilling" 'stealing' ????? if so, then i still dont get it, does it make reference to "killing two birds with one stone"??

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Posted by HAVARDFAN Jul 22, 2005


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