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A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead are stranded in the desert because their car broke down. The redhead grabs some water, the brunette grabs some food, and the blonde grabs the car door.

They began walking, when the redhead turns to the brunette and says," Why did you bring the food?"

She replies, " Well in case I get hungry, I can eat it. Why did you bring water?"

The redhead replies, " Well in case I get thirsty, I can drink it."

Then they both turn to the blonde and say, " Why did you bring the car door?"

She replies, " Well in case I get hot, I can roll down the window."

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Posted by locked_in_hell Aug 28, 2006

lol. i was going to submit this one, but mine involves a doctor with the food, a farmere with the water and a redneck with the car door. still, i loved this joke.

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