Forgien Excnanged Students

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The forgien exchanged students Jose, Doron, and Krono didn't know any English. So their teacher asked them to go find some words.

Jose goes to the airport and sees a plane.
"Waz dat?" he asks.
"That's a plane taking off," the pilot said.
"Take off!" he says.

Doron goes to the zoo and sees a zebra.
"Waz dat?" he asks.
"That's a zebra," a lady tells him.
"Ze'bra!" he says.

Krono goes to the hospital and sees a new baby.
"Waz dat?" he asks.
"That's my baby," the mother said.
"Be'be!" he says.

The next day in class, they say all the words together.

"Take off ze bra bebe!!"

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